About us

Space for queer social and cultural action.

išgirsti is a space for queer social and cultural action. Our activities encompass queer culture, archiving, psychosocial welfare. We create safe spaces for cultural and social initiatives where the community can express themselves and find their voice to speak to the society at large. We care that the queer community’s self-expression, visibility and acceptance be seen in a wider context of human rights, social justice and ecology.

išgirsti is:
~ Vilnius queer festival Kreivės
~ Lithuanian queer archive
~ Queer gallery
~ Queer library
~ Psychological support
~ Information platform
~ Queer magazine Kreivės


We launched in 2004 as In Corpore, focusing on human rights and sexuality education, developing a network of peer educators. We transformed in 2014, launching the Vilnius queer festival Kreivės. In 2015, we started išgirsti, initially as an information platform. That same year, we started an information and support group for parents and relatives of LGBTQ+ people, an initiative that developed into a stand-alone organisation in 2023, Mothers for LGBTQ+ Children. In 2020, we started the queer magazine Kreivės, launched the Lithuanian Queer Archive, and opened a physical venue for cultural-social activities in Vilnius, Naujininkai, hosting queer exhibitions, events, and psychological support. Since 2023, the išgirsti space includes a library and reading room.


Augustas Čičelis
chair, all activities
augustas@isgirsti.lt, +370 684 12216

Laura Varžgalytė
magazine, festival

Justinas Šuliokas
festival, library

Justina Puzinaitė

Viktorija Kolbešnikova
archive, festival, library

Anton Karyuk
festival, archive, gallery

Marija Martinaitytė
festival, library, gallery

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Asociacija “Išgirsti”

Darbininkų g. 8-1, LT-02157 Vilnius, Lithuania
+370 684 12216, info@isgirsti.lt

Registration number: 300047647

IBAN: LT49 7300 0101 4096 4715 (Swedbank, AB)
Paypal: paypal.me/incorpore