We want LGBT+ people to have access to quality support and relevant information. We want LGBT+ people to be heard.

“išgirsti” (which means “to hear” or “to be heard”, depending on where you put the stress) is a concise and systematic resource on many topics relevant to LGBT+ community, their family members, friends, teachers, psychologists and support providers. Understanding that LGBT+ experiences are too varied to be entirely covered by a single source, we hope that the information presented here can serve as an introduction and a gateway to further exploring the issues you might care about.

“išgirsti” is also a physical cultural-social space in Vilnius devoted to small cultural and social happenings and psychological support. It is also open for other queer initiatives and meetings.

The initiative has started in 2015, and since 2020 is supported by the Active Citizens Fund, EEA Grants.


“In Corpore” is a space for social activism. For us, though, activism is not limited to efforts for equal rights. Our initiatives are rooted in personal experiences and observations that political and legal action often appears to be outside one’s everyday concerns. Niches that we aim to fill with our activities include LGBT+ culture, emotional wellbeing, and better understanding among different groups.

We do not seek to be the voice of the entire LGBT+ community, but with our cultural and social initiatives we create safe spaces, where the community can talk to itself and articulate its voice which could be heard by the society at large.

Although most of what we do relates to self-expression, visibility and acceptance of the LGBT+ community, we see these matters as inseparable from the wider issues of human rights, social justice and environmental sustainability.

“In Corpore” has been in existence since 2004, because we care about, we see the point in, and we feel rewarded by what we do. For us, activism is unimaginable without voluntary work and being demanding of oneself and open to others. Through our work, we discover that our vision is shared by others and silently rejoice in our great small successes.

Our vision is a society where everyone, irrespective of their identity, can feel safe.

Apart from “išgirsti”, we are currently engaged in several larger initiatives. One of them is Vilnius Queer Festival “Kreivės”. Building on earlier and cooperating with current queer initiatives by others, we provide a space for film screenings, events and community building throughout the year.

We are running a support and information group for parents and other relatives of LGBT+, which we started in cooperation with the House of Diversity and Education. Regular meetings take place once a month in Vilnius, although parents come from across Lithuania. We are also providing individual psychological support for LGBT+ community.

We are also developing a Lithuanian Queer Archive, physical cultural-social space in Naujininkai, Vilnius, and LGBT+ magazine “Kreivės”.


For us, activism is unimaginable without voluntary work, being demanding of oneself and open to others.

Augustas Čičelis
management, išgirsti, kreivės, queer archive, psychological support
augustas@isgirsti.lt, +370 684 12216

Laura Varžgalytė
board, išgirsti, kreivės

Justinas Šuliokas
board, kreivės

Justina Puzinaitė
board, kreivės

Viktorija Kolbešnikova
queer archive

Anton Karyuk
kreivės, išgirsti

Grytė Ruzgė
psychological support, parents’ group

Rūta Ruolytė-Verschoore

Darius Matas

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